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Should you teach your children believe in Santa Claus?

There is a massive debate among the parents when it comes to Santa Claus and his enchanting story. While most of them think that you should not lie to your kids, an innocent one about the white-bearded man might be an exception because they remember their magical childhood days and want to offer the same for the little ones. Others are afraid of their reaction when they inevitable learn the truth.

A major concern is that when you lie to them, they lose the trust in you. You can avoid that if you carry a sincere conversation with your little angel when he is not certain anymore about the existence of Santa. Tell him you nurtured his belief in the legendary character due to the happiness it offered him. He may resent you at first, but with time his disappointment will vanish because you were honest.

Another issue is that once you support this fantasy, your children cannot see the difference between reality and the imagination. On the contrary, some people believe that with age they can distinguish better these boundaries if their lives are marked by fantasies. This could relate to the case in which many youngsters develop imaginary friends but outrun them later in life and they are still mentally healthy.

In general, kids react favorably when they hear about a kind man in a red suit who drops presents from his big sack. This not only makes them overly joyous, but they will also behave better once they become aware that only the good ones receive his precious gifts. You can create a wonderful tradition on Christmas Eve which is shared by all the members of the family.

Given the fact that there are arguments against and in favor, it is up to you to decide what you tell your offspring. Keep in mind that they are not completely naïve as the parents think. You should not be extremely worried because there will not be serious consequences. As their reason develops in time, they will realize that Santa is not real. Offer them joy and be there for them when they find out the truth!