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The story of Saint Nicholas

It might not be "the most wonderful time of the year," but it is never too early or too late to talk about Santa Claus. The magical jolly spirit that inhabits the hearts of children and adults everywhere is based on the legend of Saint Nicholas, a Greek bishop that lived more than 16 centuries ago. Many stories surround the title of this very kind man who put humanity above everything else. There are very few accounts that can escort us back in history to see the life and times of St. Nick, but that won't stop us from answering the central questions surrounding one of the most famous faces of Christian folklore.

Who was Saint Nicholas?

The story behind the actual image of Saint Nicholas speaks of a 4th-century man whose parents had died and left him with a vast fortune. Because he was a very kind man, Nicholas would usually share his wealth with the people in Myra, his town of residence that is located in today's modern Turkey. His attitude together with his commitment to the Christian religion gained him sanctity after his death. Nowadays, people celebrate more his generous spirit than his passion for theology. Even Netherlands escorts at https://nl.eros.com/ know very little about the bishop that became a central figure in the Dutch culture.

Where the legend began

The best-known legend about Saint Nicholas tells the story of a poor man in Myra who had three daughters. Because he could not afford a dowry, this unfortunate soul could not give any of his children as an escort into marriage. To help the poor family, Nicholas visited them at night, and without them knowing, he threw a bag of gold down their chimney. The bag accidentally fell into one of the socks that were hung out to dry. As a result, the poor man managed to marry his oldest daughter with that money. Nicholas then repeated the gesture for the remaining two children, thus solving the family’s woes.

From St. Nick to Sinterklaas

Because of his anonymous philanthropy, Saint Nicholas became a venerated image of the Christian culture. His legend spread in all the corners of the world, but it became quite popular in Holland in the Middle Ages when parents would use his Feast Day on December 6th to give small presents to their children secretly. They called this celebration "Sinterklaas Day" and it stayed that way to the present era when children and Netherlands escorts from EROS alike wait with unspeakable eagerness to receive new gifts.

Today’s Santa Claus

The legend and celebration of Sinterklaas migrated to North America together with the Dutch colonialists in the 17th century. In less than two hundred years, Saint Nicholas' day became a national holiday, and its name was transliterated to Santa Claus. The tradition of giving an anonymous gift became a worldwide sensation in the 20th century through a successful marketing campaign that joined Saint Nicholas’ day with Christmas. Therefore, a history of over 1600 years has led to the frenzied shopping run that we all do for our Netherlands escorts every Christmas Eve.

What to buy your escort for Christmas

When it comes to buying gifts for your Netherlands escorts, you have to remember the generous image of Saint Nicholas. You do not have to celebrate his tradition down to the smallest detail and buy dowry for the sexy girls you date. Instead, you can present them with a lovely gift that symbolizes both your generosity and your appreciation for their services.

Sinterklaas Mobiel

Our fascination with Santa Claus

Christmas is that magical time of the year when all the family members come together and create beautiful memories, but it also the most awaited moment for those who adore Santa Claus. Every child dreams of a meeting with him on Christmas Eve and even a trip with his enchanted sleigh. Feel the spirit of celebration and add special touches to your phone.

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Not all children get presents from the cheerful and generous man in the red costume. He will judge your behavior and see if you have been good or bad this year. Keep in mind that he only drops the precious gifts to those who have not acted rude towards their parents, but instead they have done many good things which will make him proud.

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The fascination with the mysterious elderly man and his reindeers is spread throughout the world and in every culture. From Japan to New York to Sweden, people have created a great number of souvenirs, shows, movies and music songs about the famous Santa Claus. Celebrate every year his noble character and offer your beloved things a Christmas makeover!